Hoard Couture

Hoard Couture Original Denim Rat Tail Dress

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This is a  multiple pieced creation. Layer one is the spandex dress with denim inserts and zipper accents over the bust and a zipper front. Layer two is the short skirt that is attached to the black solid layer and black net layer. It too will go on over your head and sit on the hips or wherever it falls naturally (without falling off of course) but it is not adjustable in size. Zippers along the top will allow for the addition of one (as a train in the back) or two "rat tail" pieces to form a carwash style skirt of various lengths. The skirt can be worn over your own black outfit as well. Machine wash the dress and skirt part one in cold and line dry. Do not wash the rat tails. They can be carefully hand washed  and line dried.

Label in dress: Have and Have brand, size L

Overall length of black base dress: 24.5" from center bust

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