What goes with What? The Styling Stalemate

On my Hoard Couture Original Denim Facebook page, almost daily I post a little snippet of snark and shopping. Today I posted not just one image on white, but a flat layout of fashion much like the big magazines and destination stores. It is re-posted here with a bit more info about what is in the picture besides the one item for sale (the vest). All the accessories and clothing not specified from Hoard Couture are from my own closet to show you that most likely what you have already will work with a new piece. No need to find more things to "go with it". Shop your closet and make a look your own!

The vest is for sale on this site. It is paired a brown flair skirt, but brown or khaki pants would also work and of course the standby jeans. The skirt makes this piece office ready. The top is short sleeve turtle neck that picks up more of the color pallet. By not using an orange or rust for either piece, the patterns and textures of the vest really stand out. Vintage ocher colored shoes or a more practical suede mary-jane heel are pictured, but boots in a solid brown or dark leather would work well too. A leopard print bag repeats the pallet of the patterns in the vest while keeping the look sophisticated by not using anything over-sized like a fussy tote. One or two patterns are enough to make a stand out statement.

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