Superbowl Sunday Selection

Denim  and red, white and blue, does it get any more American than that? This year the game is in Texas, where the weather is warmer so we feature our light weight cap sleeve top that has been updated with a slightly glitzy neckline embellishment. The pattern pairs well with the floral skirt because the color pallet is the same and the scale of the print as laid out with the "blocks" of color forms large visual shapes that balance the overall floral whose visual weight does not change. If the flowers had been too big, this would not work. If the top had been an all over scattered print, this would not work, being seen as too busy. The neckline shapes (flowers if you wish) are the same size as the ones in the skirt, adding balance to the body. Something small at the neck would make the hips look too big. Dark heels elongate the look and in Texas, okay to wear with a shorter shirt. Go Team!

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