Mad About Plaid

Plaids are historic and classic, most people associate them with Scottish Tartans. So too do many think they are hard to wear because 1)they are "busy"  2)they make one appear "larger" or 3) what does one wear with them?  Okay, here are your answers.... 1) Plaids can be tamed by keeping a solid body of color somewhere on your body, be it shoes, a top, a big handbag or so forth, that issue of balance. 2) When worn in correct proportion to your body type and with the eye-line of the weave going in the correct direction, a plaid can make you appear slimmer.  3) Choosing one color from the plaid (and not the dominant one) to accent your outfit will always work. Always keep in mind, a good ensemble is based on proportions, scale and balance. See our coordinating sweater on this site as well and image of how both pieces can be worn together! I know....crazy right?

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