How to handle several bold pieces at one time.

A hot pink dyed jacket would be enough for most people to wear at one time. But "go big or go home" applies to fashion as well as sports. This look may be overwhelming to many but lets break down why it works. The skirt is not as colorful as you may think. The pattern only echos the three colors found here, pink, green and brown. The scale of the pattern in the top (a green and brown zebra print) and the multi-floral skirt are equal. A brown jacket would have toned down the "heat" but hot pink plays up the bolder of the two accents. The hot pink purse with flower detailing, brown shoes and a pink necklace tie together the whole ensemble head to toe. I would even add pink sunglasses. This is one of those outfits that we "want to wear" but many won't dare. Why not? So somebody looks at you? They are just wishing to be as confident as you are! Not that confident yet....pair this jacket with all black and you will be just as "WOW".

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